Best Excuse Ever

DISCLAIMER: Based on a true story.

Every time she has to go out for the evening, she takes a long hard look at her wardrobe, shuffles through all her clothes, tries on a few and ends up sighing. “What should I wear? I don’t have any clothes!!” And even though her clothes fill up more than three-fourths of our wardrobe, we can never come up with a rational explanation as to why she can still wear some of her old clothes. The conclusion is always the same. She needs to shop. And you eventually end up spending a lot of money on a lot of clothes that she probably didn’t need in the first place. But that’s her, that’s the woman you love. So take her shopping, make her smile. Shopper’s Stop is helping you do it. It’s 51% off. Rush to the nearest store before your next evening out.

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