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Trendy John Jacobs Eyewear

Whether you sport a pair of oversized aviators or geeky chic glasses, you’re endorsing eyewear trends with or without your knowledge. Glasses help us to see and protect our eyes from the sun’s harsh glare. But wearing your summer shades all long winters? Think again. The design of a typical summer shade is no match for the lighter rays and sunlight angles in winters. You may want to buy an eyewear with lighter tints and closer fit that suits quickly changing light conditions and block lower angles of light during winters.
While the time is just perfect to invest in a pair of winter sunglasses, John Jacobs has recently caught my attention with classic and modern designs at affordable price range.


Affordable: What I loved the most (*other than John Lennon connect) about this young Indian brand is that they offer premium quality eyeglasses and sunglasses at accessible price points. *The brand’s name John Jacobs is inspired by ‘John’ Lennon, the legend who showed us that eyeglasses could define your personality for ages. Funky isn’t it?

The brand design, manufacture and sell their own eyewear without any middlemen involved to keep the merchandise affordable.

Stylish: Their designs blend in contemporary fads with classic elegance to redefine not just your vision, but also your style. John Jacobs eyewear employs fine quality materials, state-of-the-art technological finesse and unparalleled craftsmanship.

High grade materials: With the aim of keeping their costs down, most affordable eyewear brands use cheap plastic as their key material. But John Jacobs eyewear is crafted using special custom materials like handmade Italian Acetate and Titanium instead of plastic. Acetate frames are extremely flexible and maintain their sheen and shape with age. The Titanium renders a unique amalgamation of strength and lightness. Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio among metals and it is incredibly feather light. High grade materials like ULTEM, TR-90 etc, promise function and durability.

Available at John Jacobs Webstore & Lenskart: John Jacobs eyewear is available online at their recently launched their webstore (http://www.john-jacobs.com/) and Lenskart. You can also check out their products offline at any Lenskart store in your city.



Dark and mysterious tones of autumn are in full swing with winter white for a cool, pristine and elegant. For men, it’s all about clean lines, refined colour and masculine detailing like metal and fluid stripes. For women, subtle animal or abstract patterns would add drama with a sophisticated flair.


Classic 60s silhouettes get a polished and preppy makeover with smooth colorations and patterns. For men, standout patterns in subdued tones of deep blues and stone grays will give a panache look. For women, quintessential shapes ranging from cat-eyes to oval with floral effects in cosmetic nudes or pastels is a perfect way to flawlessly frame her face.


High energy kaleidoscopic hues in a pleathora of shapes and size make their debut for an all-out sporty chic look. This trend juxtaposes two traditionally opposite sectors, high fashion and recreational into one. Preppy colours in easy-to-wear shapes and straightforward patterns is the key for both men and women.


Old souls searching for their specs-y counterpart get a truly refreshed outlook in form of established staples. Classic frames make a grand entrance this season with refreshed outlook. For men, mixed materials and leather detailing will turn up the dapper charisma. For women romantic concoctions of warm browns and reds will be foolproof for colder times of the year.

  • November 16, 2014

    I'd probably go with the throwback. The other frames seem to large for my face. I like the grayscale. It reminds me of old news paper or faded graffiti on chipped wall. Not sure if that was the intent, but they speak to me.

  • November 17, 2014

    @Magnifyyourstyle.com Throwback is classic with contemporary make over and of course, it's about which trend suits you the best 🙂

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