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Bloggers meet at Lecoanet Hemant

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the wake of Valentines week at the Lecoanet Hemant studio-cum-factory unit at Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. The award winning haute couture label founded in Paris, invited four Indian fashion bloggers, Akansha Redhu, Komal, Srish and myself to celebrate a range of eccentric sports t-shirts titled ‘IndiPolo’ representing various Indian cities.
The t-shirts, a product of marriage between the rich Indian tradition and the western uber-chic sensibilities, were displayed along with the label’s handbags at the unit’s blissful terrace garden. The Indian element of the Parisian Haute Couture label, designer Hemant Sagar interacted with us with boundless enthusiasm. He explained how he was inspired by typography elements while his counterpart was more into exploring the delicacy of the sheer element. In an endearingly informal chat, the designer shared his views on trends, the fashion industry and also talked about his own journey in the industry! His insights and views reflected his 25+ years of wisdom and excellence in the fashion industry, as a fashion design student, it was something that even the entire 4 years of college could have probably never told me. 
The mood at LH unit just got even peppier as we were given an IndiPolo t-shirt each, for a styling and photoshoot session that followed! Designer Hemant Sagar, the design team members and couple of other guests along with the bloggers styled the body-forms followed by a photoshoot session.
Srish chose to team the the IndiPolo tshirt with an almost couture-range skirt and a waist belt. The ensemble is totally CHIC as Srish herself is!
I love the skirt which Akansha used. It was shaped out of numerous intricate knots!
I loved the chunky metallic accessory that Komal tamed her t-shirt with. The black t-shirt looked beautiful with the jacket and the accessory.
The interesting seam lines in the indigo shorts enthralled me. Hence I decided to team it with a white notch collared coat. A relaxed and casual look.
Well. I am not done yet!
Another really-really-really exciting part of the day was when the charming Archana, took us around the factory!!
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City T- Shirts priced at Rs. 3,900/-
and Bharat T-shirt at 4,400/-
 are available at the Lecoanet Hemant flagship store
at The Gallery on 13 M.G., M.G. Road, New Delhi, 011-46802289
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