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Rainbow Tinted DP And Its Concubines

It is said that if America sneezes, the entire world catches a cold. When the US Supreme Court recognized same-sex marriage devoid of discrimination across the country, the anticipation of wedding bells were heard loud and clear in other parts of the world. The cross-cultural...

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

THE PUFF Lips have a unique aura that can impel your night with myriad warm fuzzy moments. A pair of lips gently purse on a lit joint to inhale smoke and later part ways to blow out the smoke which is sometimes, collected back by another...


We live in a society where people can’t survive without judging another person. People are judged and stereotyped on basis of gender, culture, race, sexuality and every other possible human identity. Every one of us must have experienced it some time in our daily walk of life. Four...