A Modern Man’s Guide to Share Wardrobe with Girlfriend

Stars like Kanye West, Robert Pattinson, Jaden Smith and even my personal Hollywood favourite Johnny F-ing Depp share wardrobe with girlfriend or spouse. Nothing stimulates the feeling of love like sharing does. Sharing is caring. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, take a sartorial vow to share wardrobe and walk comfortably in your lover’s clothes. Men and women of today live parallel lives and their clothing need to perform the similar function. A common wardrobe for a man and woman not only means having more styles to wear but cutting down on clothing expenses too. With fashion’s gender fluid movement revolutionizing our society, time’s just perfect for you to borrow clothes from your girlfriend or wife and elevate your style game.
One of my own earliest memories of sharing clothes with the significant other was wearing my girlfriend’s pleated trousers to college. The menswear range retailing in India is barely half as experimental as what women are offered. Sharing clothes with girlfriend is guaranteed to elevate your style quotient. It’s been more than four years since I first borrowed trousers from my girlfriend. Since then, I’ve regularly worn jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, trousers and sweatpants from women’s range.

Purushu Arie Men's Gender Neutral Fashion Blogger

Incorporating womenswear/gender-neutral pieces in my looks

We are primarily exposed to conventional norms of gender specific dressing and the idea of borrowing clothes from a woman may seem a little uncomfortable for most men. That’s simply because our personal style is rather evolutionary than revolutionary. It takes time like how you slowly got accustomed to wearing skinny jeans or waxing chest hair without the fear of being tagged feminine. Ha ha. That’s really how fragile gender notions and roles are! Something as simple as a colour or grooming can make or break the very foundation of masculinity and femininity. Here I list down clothing items from your girlfriend’s wardrobe that you can incorporate in your attire with utmost ease.

1. Begin With Trousers

Traditionally trousers belonged to masculine gender till Paul Poiret broke the rule by introducing Harem pants for women in early 1900s. The society immediately tagged everything from harem pants to palazzos as feminine. I started experimenting with gender fluid clothing by wearing comfy harem pants (followed by cross-over trousers & palazzos).

Harem Pants


2. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets in denim and leather can effortlessly transcend between sexes. Bomber jackets are a timeless casual wardrobe staple that not only makes up for a tough appearance in men but adds a cute tom-boyish charm in women.

Johnny Depp sharing clothes with girlfriend

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss rocking the bomber jacket.

3. T-shirts, Crewnecks and Sweatshirts

Knitted tops like t-shirts, crewnecks, sweatshirts and sportswear staples in general are timeless unisex staples which can be easily switched between the man and woman.

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Share Clothes

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have repeatedly shared clothes while dating.

4. Brooches

A woman’s jewellery box is her most powerful weapon in her sartorial arsenal. Explore and you might find some interesting accessories that can be transformed into a quirky brooch or a lapel pin or a collar chain.

Men's Brooch

Credits –

5. Pink

The colour has a rather curious history. Originally considered a tough and masculine colour until World War II, the colour is now heavily stereotyped as something feminine and gay. Wear pink to make a bold statement, because self-assured men are not afraid to wear pink. Nadal, probably the best example?

Rafael Nadal wearing pink


6. Skirts

Anyone who has considerable knowledge on fashion and clothing history would be aware that skirt was one of the earliest unisex garments that were worn by both men and women. Wrapped garments are still worn by men in various cultures like lungi in India or the kilt. However, the western society has predominantly reduced the skirt to women’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, Western pop icons like Jaden Smith and designers like Rick Owens have rekindled the popularity for skirt among men. Wear skirts with Dr.Martens and nothing can beat that swag!

Men Wearing Skirts

7. Blouse

This one is for the brave heart. People like Ranveer nailed the gender neutral look recently in L’Officiel’s February 2016 cover. Would you dare to wear a silk-georgette blouse?

Ranveer Singh L'Official February 2016 Cover

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