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4 Top Tips for Men To Recover Their Lost Hair


Simple maintenance and moisturizing can drastically prevent major hair loss problems. I am naturally gifted with thick and voluminous hair. However, most of my friends are already fighting receding hairline and often seek my suggestion for a cure. Hair loss is a bad thing to experience, but all isn’t lost! Check out these top tips and delve headfirst into the different methods that you can use to get your old hair back!

Getting Enough Vitamin D

Studies into hair loss among men on Livestrong.com have revealed that one of the primary reasons behind such an occurrence is having insufficient Vitamin D in your system. Vitamin D as it turns out is essential for maintaining proper hair growth and having insufficient quantities of it in your body can lead to hair loss as your body struggles to maintain its growth rate despite the fact that it is lacking the necessary “materials” needed to create more hair.

Normally, Vitamin D is produced naturally within the body as a direct result of exposure to the sun. However, what should be taken into consideration is the fact that these days many people tend to work under artificial office lights resulting in little in the way of direct exposure to sunlight. Not only that, the growth of various health movements that have demonized the egg yolk which is a source of natural Vitamin D has caused many people to avoid eating the yolk whenever they can. Combined with the fact that access to fatty fish, such as salmon and cod, which are healthy sources of Vitamin D are fairly limited in some areas has created a trend of hair loss in regions where they should not be experiencing such a problem in the first place.

It is advised that in order to resolve their issue, people should go out on daily walks under the sun for at least 15 minutes, eat more egg yolks and increase their consumption of fatty fish. If these instructions are met, it is likely that they will be able to prevent further hair loss and potentially recover some of their lost hair.

Stop Over-combing your Hair

Another way to recover your hair is to stop over-combing it which causes the follicles to be strained to the point that they easily come off your head. Over-combing can be the result of any number of possible reasons ranging from it being a comping mechanism for stress to people simply not realizing that they do not need to comb their hair that many times a day. While the act of the combing helps to arrange the hair in such a way that it becomes presentable, it is also tends to be put a considerable amount of strain on the roots of the hair. Such a strain is negligible in the short term; however, if it is done continuously it does result in long term hair loss, especially in the sections where a person enjoys combing their hair.

Fortunately, there is a simple way of resolving the problem, stop combing your hair so much! If you stop, it is likely that your hair will start growing back properly in a few month’s time.

Stop Using Hair Products

Ranging from gels, waxes and hair sprays to chemical compounds meant to make the hair look shinier, there are a wide assortment of different products available that can be utilize to enhance the way a person’s hair looks. Unfortunately, Harry Harding of HubPages Health explains that a vast majority of these products can cause considerable damage to your hair over the length of their use.

For instance, while gels and waxes are effective methods for keeping your hair in a certain style, the chemicals they contain can have undesirable consequences to the health of your scalp. This can range from the appearance of dandruff to your hair going prematurely white due to chemical interference. Long term usage of these products have been connected to significant levels of hair loss and, as such, it is recommended that anyone who uses them restrict their usage. Individuals that use them on a daily basis are more at risk than those who use them sparingly. If you stop using these products immediately, it is likely that your hair can recover in time to grow at its old rate.


Buy Specialized Shampoo

Aside from taking vitamins and stopping yourself from using products that damage your hair, there is also the strategy of buying products from sites like Big Chemist in order to find the best shampoo for hair loss. These type of shampoos are usually those with aloe vera, coconut oil and other chemicals that are meant to enhance the growth rate of hair on your scalp. While they are more expensive than regular shampoo, they have been known to be quite effective when it comes to preventing hair loss and helping a scalp to recover its old growth of hair.

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