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That 70s Style


I have been re-watching That 70s Show and I couldn’t stop myself from writing about the fashion and styling as seen in the TV series, especially when fashion industry is having a big 70s moment. That 70s show not only manifests nostalgia of growing-up days but is also a great way to understand the lifestyle and fashion from 1970s.

The main protagonist Eric Forman has a simple style that goes with his geeky personality. Eric Forman is mostly seen in straight cut jeans, knit tshirts, checked shirts and 70s formal clothing.



Eric’s girlfriend Donna Pinciotti is often seen wearing high-waisted bell bottom jeans with tshirts. Donna’s style which often borrows from menswear portrays her tom-boy attitude.



Mila Kunis  who played the character Jackie wears pretty prints in flowy feminine silhouettes. Her style reflects her wealthy and classy background.



Ashton Kutcher who played the dumb Michael Kelso frequently sports tight-fitted retro clothing which highlights his model like physique.



Steven Hyde (who happens to my most favourite character) is a cool cross between punk and hippie fashion. The character nails the 70s music inspired fashion by often wearing tshirt prints with 70s rock bands and aviator glasses.



Fez’s formal yet extravagant style stands apart from rest of the group (just like his personality). Fez is mostly seen wearing psychedelic prints  and occasionally even man jewelry.


Be it Eric’s modest straight fit jeans or Donna’s bell bottoms or Kelso’s dungarees, denim-on-denim is practical, cool and so-fuckin-seventies. The latest addition to my wardrobe – an ombre denim shirt from Zovi

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