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Monday to Friday Men’s Corporate Dressing Guide

Many Indian men must have already noticed that ZOVI.com has a revamped look. With the new tagline – “Your Four Letter Word For Fashion,” Zovi is now only-for-men. After briefly going through their collection of shirts, graphic tees, winterwear and bottoms, I could already ideate their affordable utilitarian collection catering to the workwear needs of a young Indian professional. Workwear has always been more about the style than fashion itself. You may or may not wear the most fashion forward pieces to your office but you probably already figured out that striking the right chord in right clothing is all that matters in a corporate ambience. Even Mark Zuckerberg dumped his hoodie-denim attire to put on a suit when he recently welcomed the Indian Prime Minister at Facebook headquarters. It’s about relevance of the clothing to the occasion. Dressing according to the occasion has always been one of the most significant aspects of corporate dressing culture. When I say this, we are also living the liberal times when corporate organizations are rapidly relaxing rigid dressing norms. Yes, you are free from the uniform culture. Some organizations have extended the dress-down-Friday concepts to all weekdays. With increased sartorial freedom comes bigger responsibility to not send the wrong vibes by wearing anything and everything. With that in mind, here is a handy Monday to Friday corporate dressing guide to help you sport variety of fashion forward looks that are not only trendy but relevant to your corporate ambience.


Every Monday promises a fresh start. May be, it is in this week that your fortunes at work will change forever. It’s that day of the week to look forward to. All the Monday-memes doing rounds in Facebook suggest otherwise 😛 You may love or hate Mondays depending upon your job or weekend fun, but your boss may lookout for your undivided energy and sharp focus on a Monday morning more than any other day of the week. You don’t have to pretend to look all stuck-up and serious but you don’t want to giveaway hints that you aren’t yet over with the weekend hangover either. Hence wear urban classics that radiate a professional and stylish vibe without trying too hard. It’s as simple as pairing a printed or gingham shirt in blue with stylish khaki jogger pants. Complete the look with brown loafers and duffle bag. Wear a khaki blazer if required. This well turned out look will not only mean serious business on a Monday morning but will gain you instant admiration and respect at work.


Yes, I am referring to the same stylish corporate geek that Allu Arjun played in the Telugu blockbuster Aarya-2. Try a sleek jumper/cardigan in trendy wine/burgundy hues and team it with a brown briefcase – and there you are, Mr. Perfect! Wine and burgundy hues make a classic combination with navy chinos. This pink pullover makes up for a stylish alternative. Don’t hesitate to repeat the same blue shirt from Monday attire which goes perfectly with this look too. Duh, everybody from editors at fashion firms to geeks at silicon valley repeat their outfits at work. Repeating outfits creatively is a quintessential corporate dressing skill one must master and there’s nothing to be ashamed about it.
Get the look: Wine JumperNavy Chinos


Show no signs that you’re getting any laid-back by wearing the most formal silhouettes yet, but with a playful vibe. A white shirt with subtle print details when paired with formal trousers in unconventional menswear hue like old rose is just perfect to liven up a boring Wednesday at work. Up the style quotient by wearing this ensemble with suspenders and woolen tie.
Get the look: Printed ShirtTrousers


I would personally despise Thursdays a year ago, when I was still working in a corporate environment. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job. It’s just that sometimes I find myself drained and exhausted on Thursdays more than even on Fridays. Dressing up in tough denims and masculine olive hue is one way to feel strong and man up. Denim shirts may or may not be permitted in your corporate organization and you may wear this navy checker shirt as an alternative. Wear the combination of navy & greens with brown shoes instead of black, since brown adds more character to your look.
Get the look: Denim ShirtOlive Trousers


A lot has been said and written about Friday dressing in recent years and it’s safe for me to assume that many of you are already wearing funky graphic t-shirts and polos at work on dress-down Fridays. However, at the moment I just need the slightest excuse to wear double denims with white sneakers and reflective sunglasses. This look can literally take you anywhere, from office to the night club you’re heading later in evening.
Get the look: Denim ShirtDenim Trousers
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