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A Basic Guide To Men’s Formal Shoes

Shoes maketh the man.

The kind of shoe you wear defines you as a person. Donning a pair of bright sneakers makes you come across as an extroverted and eccentric personality. A laid-back and fun person, on the other hand, would prefer flip flops. So, if you want to let your personality do the talking when you’re at work or a formal gathering, buckle up.
Make fashion statements wherever you go by spicing up your monotonous look with these formal shoes for men.

Stylish And Subtle: Oxfords

Oxfords are unarguably one of the most important staple in any man’s wardrobe. The closed lacing on the front hugs the foot contour like no other. Made from leather and suede, these shoes can be found in different cuts and styles. The one-piece oxford shoe, which is made from a single length of leather, has a sleek, classy finish. Boost your style quotient by pairing these unique shoes with a formal tux or a suit. You can also opt for oxfords with brogues that have cap toe, plain toe, wing tip and whole tip. Black oxfords work best for formal boardroom settings.

All About Comfort: Loafers

From being used as a house slipper by King George VI of England to finding their place in the mainstream fashion scene, loafers have come a long way.

You can find them in leather, suede, and rubber with styles like Penny, Tassel, and Bit-traveler. The Venetian has the simplest design and is the perfect addition to a casual day at work. You can also opt for a driving mocassin with a rubber sole and a less structured pattern to tone down your look.

Sporty With An Edge: Derby

Known in the 1850’s as the hunting and sporting boot, the derby helps you elevate your formal look in an instant. Unlike an oxford, a derby has the facing stitched on top of the vamp. This lacing arrangement allows for a wider and more comfortable fit.
A derby would be a perfect choice if you’re heading out for a semi-formal event. You will come across variants in cap toe, plain toe, and wing tip made with the timeless leather and versatile suede.

Legendary Appeal With An Elegant Twist: Monk Strap

The strap and buckle-in look instead of the lace sets these shoes apart from the regular fare. The unconventional buckle style makes these shoes a versatile choice for a formal pantsuit, as well as, jeans.
With options like single or double strap, these shoes make a perfect pair for any occasion. Dress like a power player and make heads turn with a monk strap.

Fierce And Functional: Dress Boots

Unlike the traditional oxfords, these boots have a more rugged appeal and help you create a stronger impact each time you enter a room. Popular during the Victorian era as a shoe for any formal event, these shoes still retain their old world charm.
Dress up for any occasion by opting for alternatives in darker colours in leather or dress down by going for a suede in lighter colours.

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