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The Mobster Feat. Paresh Lamba Signatures

When I first walked into Paresh Lamba Signatures store in Bangalore, I was welcomed by three mannequins draped in ethnic ensembles inspired from Mughal & British Raj era. I reckoned that it was going to be a classic affair. Given my inclination towards raw and badass style off late, I entered the store quite unsure of how I’ll fit into Paresh Lamba’s opulent, sophisticated and chivalrous sartorial realm. Mannequins adorning classic tuxedos stood beside mirrors in vintage teak decors. I scanned my own reflection wearing head-to-toe denims, sneakers and untidy curls. I heaved a sigh of relief when the mirrors further showed an array of relaxed utility-wear shirts featuring interesting prints and textures in a rack that stood behind me. Paresh Lamba’s creations are poised and classical yet their vast array of fabrics and range appreciates every individual’s personal style. This was an opportunity for me to polish my own street aesthetics.

After briefly going through every segment in the store, the stylist at Paresh Lamba Signatures guided me through their Mobsters collection from which we finalized on a glossy black suit featuring embossed Victorian motifs. The Mobsters collection is influenced by the clothing and lifestyle of gangsters in Western society. Wasn’t I talking about my own badass style a while ago?

Outfit: Paresh Lamba Signatures | Styling: Purushu Arie | Photography: Siddharth Krishnamoorthy | Location: Hampi, Karnataka

The Mobster range is predominantly in classic black, white and rich ivory with tough silhouettes and details. The black suit with vintage appeal was paired with an ivory shirt and accessorized with golden collar chain. I further worked on the vintage appeal by adding a collar pin featuring French fleur-de-lis motif. Red is the most clichéd choice for a pocket square with this timeless monochrome combination. However, I played it slightly different by instead opting for a pocket square in chrome yellow with gold foil print. The chrome hue beautifully stood out in contrast to the black suit while still complementing the rustic Hampi environment where I decided to shoot the look. My love affair with this suit is a classic case where opposites attract. Staying true to this sentiment, I juxtaposed this vintage European ensemble with rustic and heritage Indian ambience. Apart from overlaying classic European look with historic Indian location, I extended the opposites-design-philosophy in styling too. Staying true to my own sensibilities, I paired the suit with round-rim glasses and… white sneakers… tada! There you have Purushu Arie wearing Paresh Lamba – Polished x rugged, classic x contemporary, sophisticated x street and chivalrous x badass. The initial plan was to wear this ensemble with a retro fedora hat. However, the fedora was taking away from the street aesthetics and I decided to flaunt my unruly and voluminous curls instead. The curly hair takes the badass attitude to a whole different level altogether.


Details – Collar chain, Fleur-de-lis collar pin, pocket square and sunnies
Last but not the least, I express my sincere gratitude to my friend Siddharth Krishnamoorthy who beautifully captured the mood of the opulent ensemble and rustic ambiance.
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