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Line Art Inspiration From Hotels in Chennai

I recently wrote an article about top Chennai hotels meeting the needs of Business travellers. The list included the top boutique, luxury and business hotels in Chennai that are most design forward, with dramatic interiors, fabulous architecture and distinctive design vision. My creative realm often draws inspiration from architectural forms and quirky spaces. The form and outline and over colour of these interior spaces and architecture forms can best be represented through line art.

Off late, lines and strokes have evolved to become an integral part of the illustrations that I make. Lines are one of the most fundamental elements of an art or illustration. An important feature of a line is that it indicates the edge of a two-dimensional shape or a three-dimensional form. Here are some contour lines that I created with pen taking inspiration from the spaces and architecture of some top hotels in Chennai. The lines depicting the over colour are in every direction, horizontal, vertical and diagonal, thereby contouring the form and shapes.


ITC Grand Chola is a massive luxury hotel right in middle of the city. The hotel, primarily in red/sandstone and off-white hue draws inspiration from the Chola era architecture. This hotel is among the most opulent in Chennai with interesting architecture drawing inspiration from the regal patterns of South Indian temples. The contours of this gigantic architectural form are replicated in red and black lines.


Sheraton Park’s design echoes the Chennai city’s comfortable amalgamation of heritage within a modern metropolitan reality. This luxury hotel is primarily white in colour and the line art depicts the interior space around the pool ambience that combines white concrete forms with earthy brown wooden seating and lush green plant life. The blue hue stands in contrast to the white building and earthy hues that surrounds the pool.


Located next to the Phoenix Mall in the bustling and developing commercial hub of Velachery, The Westin is one of the most popular hotels near Chennai airport. The hotel is cosy with elegant and sophisticated spaces and a great restaurant and is often regarded as one of the best hotel in Chennai for business travellers. This line art draws inspiration for the interior space near the pool with wooden props that offer interesting converging and diverging viewpoint.
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