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Holiday Shopping? Check out the Z-3 Shirts

Olive Green, signifies peace, sincerity. But this shirt also signifies “relaxed”, “cool” and “eco-friendly”. Yes, I came across this opulent olive striped shirt with vintage touch and I decided that very moment I NEED TO GRAB THIS ONE! It looks so luxurious and yet casual. This shirt simply speaks about the “class and attitude”. Yep. I googled it the next moment and checked in their site http://www.zodiaconline.com/.
The site had something more to offer than what I was looking for! The site offers more luxurious Z3 shirts in range of pastel shades across solids, stripes and checks to choose from. The cool colours (silent and calm shades of  lilac, olive, yellow, red, bronze, white and black) hints the keywords ‘calm’, ‘relaxed’, ‘smart’ and ‘being eco-friendly’.

I also learn from their website that the Z3 shirts come with soft collars in 2 styles button-down & semi –cutaway with lightly puckered plackets & cuffs to enhance the relaxed look. All cutaway collar Z3 shirts come with removable collar- bones which can be inserted if the wearer wishes to have a slightly stiffer collar. So that really adds to the relaxed look and comfort.

Check out some more shirts from the collection. (The following images are snapshots taken from the website http://www.zodiaconline.com/)

The text reads “2 ply, 100% cotton fabrics are used to manufacture Z3 shirts” which speaks about the quality of the shirts. You can even judge about the comfort associated with these shirts. And check out this lilac shirt!! Looks absolutely brilliant! Here are some more of these.

These shirts are priced between Rs.1599 to Rs.1699. Something worth investing. I’ve already decided to visit the showroom and pick some for myself. Here’s what I’ll be soon investing in.

The first one is an ‘Alsek Olive’ checked shirt and the other one is a ‘Missouri Olive’ checked shirt. And these shirts look really cool too. Below: The blue striped one is full of attitude and I would definitely go for it and the other one…INSPIRED ME TO SHOP THIS BRAND AND WRITE THIS POST!

By the way.. you can also buy Z3 shirts from their online store http://www.zodiaconline.com/
or if you stay in India, you can simply visit any of these showrooms:
New Delhi: CP Ph: 65680573. East: – Kolkata: South City Ph: 64511548 & Mani Square Ph: 64602242. Mumbai: Opp, Cream Center Linking Road, Bandra Ph: 65961959 & Linking Road, Santacruz Ph: 65263761; High Street Phoenix Ph: 65149844. Pune: M. G Road Ph: 65002998. Ahmedabad: Dev Arc Mall Ph: 6511548. Baroda: Kshitij Mall Ph: 64511548. Bengaluru: M.G Road Ph: 65333619 & Prestige Emporium Ph: 65379511. Hyderabad: Himayat Nagar Ph: 65888560. Chennai: Spencer Plaza Ph: 65245085 & 64623195. Cochin: M.G Road Ph: 6572334. Calicut: The Focus Mall Ph: 6452174.

DISCLAIMER: The photos do not belong to me and are taken from the site www.zodiaconline.com.

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  • December 16, 2009

    Good stuff, this 🙂
    Also loved the fact that they promoted their Purple range with a series of tribute concerts to my favourite classic rock band, Deep Purple!

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