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An Obituary For Gendered Fashion & Style

I am writing after a prolonged blogging vacation and I’ve returned to break some brilliant (or tragic?) news for you. Make sure you’re reading every word carefully. Rumours spread like wildfire when Alessandro Michele displayed pussy-bow blouse for men on Gucci runway. Conservative gender binary...

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Hedonism of Youth

A lungi skirt, dhoti trousers and lungi pants – all gender neutral; what kind of men are ready for these clothes? Why only men? I no longer have a gender in mind when I design clothes. It’s mostly experiences that I translate into my creations....

Dare to Look Beyond Feminism

I proudly tell people that I am a fashion designer, fashion blogger, artist, atheist, libertarian, humanist and feminist. It’s been a while since I’ve distanced myself from the F-word though. Public confession: I am an ex-feminist. Studying gender specific costume history made me understand how...