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UrbanClap App Review

When your Facebook feed displays a candid photo of mehendi clad young lady draped in flamboyant ethnic clothes, you don’t even need to read the caption. Yet another friend of yours is getting hitched. This is probably the story of most 20-something-year-olds in India where every other friend seems to be getting married. Few days ago, a beautiful picture of a zoomed in engagement ring popped up in my FB feed and I eventually left a “congratulations” comment (next to 203 other congratulations comment,) and asked who the photographer was. My friend told me that she hired the photographer from UrbanClap app. I found that amazing. I’ve been hearing a lot about the UrbanClap app off late but little did I know that you can hire even wedding photographers through an app.

From taking food delivery orders to offering taxi services, smartphone apps have made various everyday tasks much easier for the average Indians. Every urban Indian gets by with a little help from apps that get things done faster and more efficiently. UrbanClaps is one such app that uses technology to structure the highly unorganized services market in India. From Wedding makeup and photography to interior design, UrbanClap offers over 60+ professional services.

I downloaded the UrbanClap app from Google Play Store to try it out for myself.
UrbanClap offers its services across eight metropolitan regions in India.
From home services like plumbing and housekeeping to personal services, wedding & events, health & wellness, personal tutors and even business requirements like chartered accountants and lawyers – UrbanClap offers upto 40-60+ services depending upon the region.
Hiring a professional via UrbanClap app
Once you put in your requirements, you get quotations from professionals. You have access to the professionals’ profile and reviews and eventually hire the one who best suits your need.
Both the Google Play and IOS App Store are crowded with umpteen number of apps. UrbanClap is a fast growing IT app of the moment that gives you flexibility to hire professionals with simple touch on a phone. You can download the UrbanClap app from Google Play Store and ITunes Store.
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