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HEDONISM OF YOUTH | © Purushu Arie

Changing Faces – Whispers of Self Portraits

Documenting the style evolution of self-portraits, varying medium, strokes, colour palette, thoughts and emotions. (Oldest to Newest).   [caption id="attachment_9396" align="aligncenter" width="750"] SONG OF SILENCE | © Purushu Arie[/caption] You’re kinda sad. More than sadness, you’re angry. You fake a smile & reassure friends that you’re fine. Isolation saves...


I was writing my previous post on Rihanna's zebra stripe jumpsuit. Eventually, I was browsing through McQueen's A/W 2009 collection. I've already mentioned the collection's endless virtues. I studied the stripes which looked scary yet smart. In fact, they looked more smart than ever (...