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2017 Style Upgrade – The New Metrosexual Man

Marc Schulze by Sharif Hamza for Dazed & Confused Magazine

The metrosexual look is dead. Well, almost dead. But what has survived is yet the boldest and most flamboyant subtribe of metrosexual culture. The term ‘metrosexual’ was coined in the mid 90’s to describe a folk of men who were meticulous about taste in fashion, appearance and grooming. From skin care routine to the names of high-end luxurious brands, a metrosexual man knows it all. Coming to the 21st century, the fashion sense of a metrosexual man is all about eclectic tryouts and accessories. Just a satchel bag or a bright glare or even a hat can bring up your style quotient. Men’s fashion has entered a phase- where a bold look coupled with the right blend of attitude and individualism is all that takes to stand out. Having stated that, when it comes to style, there is a thin line between doing it right and going overboard.


Happy & Gray

The humble, subtle and sexy gray is also versatile. Be it the all classic gray suit, knitted jumpers, oversized scarf, head gears, sweat pants or shoes, the colour gray rules all the way. The all staple grays can work for both formal and a drenched down look. Textured suits in gray are big winners this season. As for the casual look, team up classic denim with gray trench coats or sneakers or a jumper or a scarf. Gray it up Guys!

Bobby Abley’s dark Disney skater boys


Kit Neale SS15


Ola Rindal


The Accessory Table

What does the accessory table look like this season? For starters, it looks well spread. You have hats, scarves, slip-on shoes, neckerchiefs, sling bags, and even diamond rings for men to choose from. If teamed wisely, even a glint of rock can sweep praises for your look. There is a range of rings available online, especially engagement diamond rings for men, for the guys who are looking at getting hitched this season. In fact, you may also want to consider designing your own engagement ring with CaratLane.com if you are looking for something customized that compliments your taste and accentuates your engagement look pretty well.

Design by Charlotte Roden. Picture: Dazed Digital.

In the hats segment, it doesn’t matter if you are a baseball fan or not, but baseball caps are clear favorites this season. Basic and minimalist, baseball caps goes well with casual shorts, denim and sportswear. So, whether you are sweating it out in the sun or relaxing at a club, baseball caps are a stylish must-have.

Scarves and neckerchief are an example of how a humble yard of cloth can metamorphose into a high-end fashion accessory. Holidaying at Oia, Greece or by the French Rivera this spring? Don’t forget to pack those for that leisurely vacation look.


Who said what you wear to the gym doesn’t matter, as long it’s comfortable and stretchable? Blah to that thought. It’s time to bid adieu to hoodies and tracks and instead design your look based on the part of the body you will work out on. For example, on the chest day wear a tank top that shows off the contours of your chest, on a leg day wear shorts and on arm day wear sleeveless T’s that exposes your ripped arms. And yes, don’t forget Fitbit bands, stealth headphones, gym bags and quirky shoes are other subtleties of sporty fashion.


Distressed Denims are Anything but Distressed

Ripped, Distressed and washed denim screams fashionable as well as minimalist. Just pair your distressed denims as a pair of jeans or bomber with a basic Tee or checkered shirt and you are ready to rock a date or a night out with friends.

Photo: Vanity Teen

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