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An Obituary For Gendered Fashion & Style

I am writing after a prolonged blogging vacation and I’ve returned to break some brilliant (or tragic?) news for you. Make sure you’re reading every word carefully. Rumours spread like wildfire when Alessandro Michele displayed pussy-bow blouse for men on Gucci runway. Conservative gender binary folks were in excruciating pain to see men flaunting crop tops on Instagram. In case it still didn’t ring a bell, here it goes – BREAKING NEWS: End of 2016 marks the demise of gendered fashion & style. Gendered fashion – a popular form of social cancer that survived for centuries, a direct product of sexism, passed away after a prolonged battled with gender neutral activists. The news hasn’t been officially broken by men’s fashion magazines yet but hey, you can always hear those fashion trends from me before anybody else.


It is important to not confuse gendered fashion with sex specific piece of clothing itself. A skirt or a shoe may be specifically constructed for a woman’s or a man’s body. However, the gender tag of whether a skirt or shoe is masculine or feminine is dead. A skirt, a shirt, a pair of sneakers, a statement necklace… they now belong to every gender identity. Gendered fashion’s health deteriorated seriously when public figures like Jaden Smith or Ranveer Singh promoted gender neutral styles. Mainstream media groups often funded the medical expenses to save gendered fashion from dying. “Jaden Smith wore Man-Skirt,” read the headlines. WTF is a man-skirt? WTF is man-jewellery? Like, do they say women-jeans or women-sneakers? Ahh, insecure men need that exclusive man-prefix to not hamper their fragile notion of masculinity. The badass gender neutral tribe have collectively committed a cold blooded murder of a long standing sexist custom that flourished right under our noses for centuries.


GENDERED FASHION – (Sometime during Greco-Roman era – 2016)


The dead decaying remains of gendered fashion will continue to be scattered around us, especially on the bodies and more effectively in the minds of laggards who’re the last to embrace social changes. In forthcoming years, gendered fashion will be buried in a pink-blue neighbourhood where it shall rest in peace. People will exhibit the long-lost excavated ornament with pride – Gender Neutral Fashion.





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