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Thanks to Paid Media, Kanye West Made the Art of Fashion Design Look YEEZY AF!

By YEEZY, I mean easy and amateurish.


“Brooooo!!! Broooo, brooo, brooooo!!! Every nigga can sing but that doesn’t imply anyone with vocal cords can perform at Grammys bro. That takes skill bro. Talent bro. You see, Beyonce performs here, not you bro.”

That’s probably how Kanye’s speech would sound if Marc Jacobs performed at Grammys. It is very much possible that Marc Jacobs the singer is probably even more skilled than Kanye West, the fashion designer.



Kanye is a lucky inexperienced beginner who gets to showcase his amateur work in a platform meant for world-class talent. Kanye West’s technique of ripping every piece of clothing resembles the approach of that new graphic design student who just learned about Photoshop and decided to use swirl & splatter brushes in every graphic.


Displaying Kanye’s collection at NYFW is not any different than displaying a cliched close up portrait of that wrinkled old lady at world photography fair.




Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 was same amateur throwback to previous seasons – tasteless rags masquerading as high fashion with socio-political theme. Paid media validating Kanye West’s status as a fashion designer is an insult to the art of high fashion. Yeezy making big headlines is only echoing the popular notion that it takes money & contacts than talent or skill itself to make it big in fashion industry. Kanye showcasing at NYFW is maltreatment to the qualification, passion and talent of other designers showcasing at the event.




If Kanye West genuinely has any respect for the art of high fashion like he claims, he should quit showing at NYFW ASAP & begin from the scratch, probably intern under his inspirations like Haider Ackermann and learn a thing or two about fashion before he decides to hit the ramp as a fashion designer ever again.



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  • Anon
    September 9, 2016

    Bravo! Great Post! Congratulations, you outdid yourself with your views. Gutsy, factual and entertaining at the same time.

    Kanye the joke West, you are ceative but that doesn’t mean you can do clothes. Let’s challenge him to sit behind a sewing machine and stitch a tshirt from scratch? Can he? Does he have any idea how the block is created?

    IN KUWTK, there’s a scene where kanye cuts up Kim’s dress, He basically cuts up a tukra, shortens it and makes some flowery folds, a hatch up job with his assistent behind, who the cameras tried to hide. Then he draped something cute and clumsy on his daughter. If we made that in fashion school our instructor would have wrapped us before insulting us for our shoddy work in the front of the whole class.

    Really what was his collection, control underwear and sweatshirts with condom boots? He has to copy Vetements. He couldn’t even style.

    Fashion media has turned topsy turvy. Vogue is no more the fashion Bible. A handful of fashion journos and influential bloggers, das ist you, and business of fashion has more to inform than A Wintour and all the dummies who took that bus ride to insanity.

    Out of respect for the skill and creativity of designers who make fashion an art form, Kanye should stop calling his wares fashion. Do a bra line, tshirt line, shoe line, but stop wasting people’s time with stupid runway shows. And what’s up with his music? It’s awful lately, those bum videos aren’t fooling anyone.

    In truth it does take money and contacts to launch and run a fashion line. Have money, employ factories, call stores, celebrities, produce! Kanye is lucky, but he has no head for design, just ideas. Some are okay, but the hype he creates makes every mediocre thing he does a runaway hit.

    The holes were first woven by Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe in patterns over 2 decades ago. Ever since every unimaginative designer tries to show how creative they are by creating holes and strategically placed rips and tears. Taking seam ripper to loosen warp and weft to creat art sic.

    P.S. Kanye I bet you didn’t know tshirts are made using an overlocker!

  • Anon
    September 9, 2016

    I forgot to say his clothes are not fashion, it’s just clothes, but the production standards are there. Hum log ka India mein itna easy accha nahin banta hai. Hamesha production mein locha. Compare Zara India to Zara Bangladesh and Zara Vietnam, India wala hamesha kamin hai. India ka maal India lagta hai, not perfect. Kam se kam Yeezy mein quality hain, jo yahaan milna itna easy nahin hai.

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