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Maison Margiela SS16

Illustration – Maison Margiela SS16, Paris Fashion Week

The visuals of the slender male torso clad in large fish net flooded the social media immediately after the Maison Margiela SS16 show. With eyes covered in shimmery silver makeup and blond hair tied into an untidy bun, John Galliano was the latest to join the gender blender chorus. But that visual was just a part of the Maison Mragiela’s show. There was lot more to it. In fact, Galliano’s creations for Maison Margiela SS16 just reassured me that fashion industry is heading towards electronic, linear, galactic and edgy aesthetics. This is where I would like to take pride in my trend forecasting abilities. Stay ahead of the herd… the wise man’s saying goes. I discussed the technological urbanisation trend earlier in March 2015 when 70s revival seemed to be the only buzz word ringing elsewhere. May be the trick lies in following the visionaries. Carefully study and interpret their dream with various socio-economic dynamics. Let’s quickly rewind 2015. The year has been about scrolling, pausing, clicking and upgrading your style. Apple’s iWatch made news. Tommy’s solar panelled jacket took wearable technology to the next level. A large number of fashion shows were live streamed to global audience. The Martian not only garnered rave reviews but was declared a global box-office hit. We’re awaiting the release of next Star Wars installment. We discovered water on Mars. You’re living in a den if sci-fi didn’t directly or indirectly influence your lifestyle. While most fashion peeps are busy with 70s, Galliano is already a step ahead. John Galliano is a renowned visionary. 2015 has been the year of libertarian 70s mood. Galliano takes it forward from there with his reverse engineered collection for Maison Margiela. “Lo-fi, sci-fi, with a hi-fi finish,” read his show notes. Maision Margiela SS16 collection resonates opulence and romanticism while still incorporating the synthetic trash and rogue handicraft elements. Oversized hair bun dyed in galactic hues, silver eye makeup, hand gloves in metallic foil texture and large fish net stockings – the looks were definitely lady-like… like the lady who’ll probably enrol for NASA’s Mars programme. Two looks were crafted from broke pieces of mirrors overlayed with sheer tunic. A Galliano’s show is never short of details and this show wasn’t any different.  From 1950s silhouettes featuring edgy and galactic aesthetics, the latter segment of the collection moved towards Japanese geisha inspiration. Almost a decade ago, Galliano had presented one of fashion’s most remarkable couture shows for the house of Dior by taking cue from geisha. For Maison Margiela’s SS16 show, obi belts crafted from ropes in contrasting galactic hues clung on kimono tops and long skirts. This was completely away from anything that’s happening in fashion currently. We’ll never completely understand the thought behind it till Galliano speaks it himself. But then, that’s the new Galliano – mysterious. His creations have an aura of mystery, like the infinite galaxies twinkling in the sky, unseen to the naked eye. Scroll down for some of my favourite looks from Maison Margiela spring/summer 2016 collection.

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