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Trying Out The Gillette Flexball Technology


With the power of social media, fashion trends seem to spread faster than rumours and eventually die out even before people finally learn to master the trend. Hipster beard was an all-out rage and the trend suddenly seems so 2-0-1-4 now. I’m bored of facial hair, be it my little goatee or beards that surround me. And Gillette flexball technology suddenly takes over grooming industry.

Despite my deepest desires a year ago, I never managed a full grown Hipster beard. On the bright side, I never had much of maintenance issues when it comes to grooming the facial hair. A Mach3 turbo razor and an electronic trimmer are more than enough to suffice my facial hair grooming needs. I sport a trimmed goatee and otherwise a neatly shaven look. A goatee since I could never master the art of shaving under the chin without cutting myself or leaving behind patches of uncut hair.


Not very long ago, Mach3 razor seemed like THE groundbreaking innovation yet in men’s shaving razor segment. Gillette then added an aloe strip (for moisture) to the razor. Gillette’s latest offering: Fusion Proglide razor retains the aloe strip and has 2 additional blades. You read that right, 5 blades in total! It doesn’t stop with 5 blades. More than the blade count, it’s the infamous flexball technology that attracted all the attention. Flexball isn’t exactly a ball but a hinge system, a round fulcrum that swings to either side. Flexball technology along with traditional tilting blade mechanism makes three dimensional movements that give you better navigation on your face contours and 5 blades reportedly cuts hair one-fortieth of a millimetre shorter than other razor blades (or something like that, as if you could visualize one-fortieth of a millimetre.) So, I decided to put all the theory on fluidity and flexibility to test by shaving with Gillette Fusion Proglide razor and I survived (without bloodshed) to narrate the experience.


The razor arrived in box much bigger than what I had anticipated. Gillette scores brownie points for attractive packing in black and orange, with the words FLEXBALL in capital letters. The razor came along with a pamphlet/product note highlighting the four key features – 5 finer blades, precision trimmer, enhanced lubrastrip and flexball technology. I was quite surprised how they didn’t mention the grip as 5th point. The handle had a good heft to it, quite grippy! Well, the razor was working just fine. In no time, I had removed all the facial hair in my cheeks with just one stroke at a place, like they show in advertisements.

And then, came the tricky part where I really wanted to put Gillette Flexball’s ability to test – I have a bony facial structure and removing the stubble just under the jawbone consumes more time than elsewhere (and eventually cut myself to bleed like in Dexter’s title song.) Flexball surprisingly passed the test. All I had to do was to tilt the handle sideways for the blade to automatically adjust to the contour of chin. Yes, I still had to be slow and careful but I managed to shave without leaving patches of unshaved hair or cutting myself. A clean shaven face!

In short, does Gillette Flexball technology aid a faster shave? YES.

Will the razor give cut-free shave? Depends on your shaving skills, strictly prohibited for 5yr olds. Does Gillette flexball technology really make a difference? Yes, you don’t have to change the angle of the razor or remove the razor from your face, like a hundred times. It’s definitely a move forward, to make a razor move sideways. The bigger (& cliched) question, is Gillette Fusion Proglide the best a man can get? I’d probably have my doubts if there was an android powered razor. In a way, Gillette is to shaving industry as Android is to smartphones; it’s either a big yes or you end up spending lot more on something else that offers more or less the same (or probably less).

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