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Qoive – Fashion Magazine by Fashion Bloggers

I have been endlessly coding in php for the last couple of months in process of launching Qoive, a fashion magazine by fashion bloggers. The concept of creating a fashion magazine that curates the best of content from fashion bloggers was something I was working on right from  my fashion college days, 3 years ago. Finally, I’ve got the time to completely devote myself to the magazine. The magazine will be launching on August 1st, 2015 and is now live at

Qoive is a fashion magazine by fashion bloggers. Latest from the streets to runway, Qoive brings you eccentric and exciting features on fashion and style from the perspective of fashion bloggers! If you are a fashion blogger or a brand, you can register as a contributor by visiting

Qoive is a fashion magazine that provides fashion bloggers a platform to share blog links, discover new fashion blogs, find inspiration and get featured in our weekly fashion magazine. Qoive also connects fashion bloggers with fashion brands registered with our magazine. Visit the link to know how Qoive magazine works for fashion bloggers:

The movement of fashion blogging has significantly influenced purchase decisions. Qoive, a fashion magazine by fashion bloggers provides an OPEN and FREE platform for brands to meet fashion bloggers for blogger outreach campaigns. Visit the link to know how Qoive magazine provides a platform for fashion brands:

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