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5 Style Tips To Transform Your Semi-Casual Attire

Semi-casual dress code is all about understated style with details that make a difference. Here are 5 style tips and tweaks that will make you look effortlessly cool and stylish in semi-casual wear.


Coloured sunglasses have become an essential summer accessory that’s adding liveliness to most selfies in Instagram. Statement sunglasses in vibrant hues are ideal summer accessories that will add a funky vibe to your semi casual dress code. Just remember to not kill the look by matching the colour of sunnies with your outfit. Coloured sunglasses are best when worn as a statement accessory in contrasting hues.


A flash of ankles from 7/8 length pants or turned-up/rolled-up trouser hem is not only one of the hottest street style trends but will also elevate your semi casual look. This style tweak is not only comfortable but looks very stylish when properly done. Get quirky by wearing trousers with reverse fabric in contrast colour or prints that are visible when folded upwards. Do not ditch your socks completely; remember to wear little socklets that will keep your feet from stinking.


Be it in form of loafers or more formal lace up versions, a dash of bold colour is a smart way to accentuate your semi-formal dress code. Capitalize on this style tweak and compliment the colour of your clothes with footwear in contrasting hues.


Linen is not only the go-to warm weather fabric but comes with a naturally relaxed appeal. A breathable, light-weight and stylish linen blazer in light hues are ideal for corporate Friday dressing scenarios with semi-casual dress code. Pair the linen blazer with polo t-shirt and chinos to chill with your girlfriend at the pub. You’re bound to leave a lasting impression!


A lightweight scarf when teamed with chinos and appropriate sunglasses is an easy way to add on to your cool quo. While silk scarves can look somewhat dressy and formal, scarves in lightweight cotton with subtle prints and patterns would be ideal for semi casual attire.

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