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Quick Guide To Men’s Friday Dressing Style

Break away from the safety of wearing smart-casual look with the regular t-shirt and jeans. Here’s a complete men’s Friday dressing style guide with a list of essential key pieces and handy Friday dressing style tips.

Men’s Friday Dressing Essentials

JACKET: Opt for a versatile jacket that isn’t too formal and yet can be worn with both jeans as well as formal trousers.

SHIRT: Wear shirts with miniature prints, unconventional stripe patterns, subtle washes and textures.

TROUSERS: Anything from a pair of chinos to jeans will work for smart-casual dress code in a corporate ambience. Ensure that your jeans are dark in colour and free of rip and distress.

SHOES: It is important to match the shoes with the trousers that you’re wearing. Classic brown shoes work with navy or grey trousers as well as jeans.

ACCESSORIES: Complete the outlook with a smart watch, a leather bag and belt.

Men’s Friday Dressing Style Tips

Friday dressing culture varies with office. In some cultures, anything without a collar is unacceptable even on Fridays while some organizations don’t mind you wearing a pair of shorts teamed with a casual blazer. You should be aware of the deal at your workplace.

Make a striking statement by wearing subtle accents in form of colour, texture or print with your semi-formal attire.

Wear smart accessories like glasses with coloured frame, coloured loafers or a sleek duffle bag in leather instead of traditional briefcase.

Mix and match casual separates like a t-shirt with formal pieces like a blazer and trousers.

Break free from the conventional rules of men’s corporate dressing that tell you to stick to brown or black socks. Instead experiment with vibrant printed versions.

A bit of self expression is always welcomed. I’d proudly flaunt my favourite football team’s jersey to office.

Avoid loud prints, bulky metallic belt buckles and other products with branding that’s on your face. Any kind of loud and stereotypical fashion statements are bad for your professional image.

It’s important to keep the attire functional. Extremely delicate and intricate weaves or suede shoes might not be best suited for work.

Avoid exaggerating your dress-down attire in deep v-necks, skin-tight jeans or transparent fabrics.

Do not dress provocatively in skin hugging t-shirts that reveal your moobs (read: man boobs) You don’t want you nipples to be the talk of the canteen.

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