Purushu's award winning fashion blog was founded in 2009 while studying fashion design at NIFT New Delhi. At the age of 19, he was invited by FDCI to write official show reviews at India Fashion Week, New Delhi. Following a stint as menswear designer at Future Group (Lee Cooper), Mumbai in 2013, he relocated to Chennai where he continued blogging and wrote guest columns for The Hindu. In 2017, Purush Arie launched India's first exclusive gender neutral fashion e-commerce. Purushu spoke about gender neutral revolution through fashion at TEDxChennai in March 2018.

6 Years Of Blogging & Beyond

Blogging or any creative career is evolutionary in nature and it’s always about taking the next step.  April 2015 marks six years of fashion blogging and I am thrilled to announce that I’ve taken a major step concerning this fashion blog – launch of Purushu Arie Youtube channel. Watch my first video which is about fashion inspired black and white doodle art **and don’t forget to subscribe**

Like in any other creative field out there, a blogger also needs your support just like how you’d spread the word and attend the concert of a friend who has just started a rock band. After Six years of blogging, when I finally decided to venture into video blogging/vlogging and launched my Youtube Channel earlier this week, my friends really came together to share and spread the word and I can’t begin to explain how much that means to me. I take this opportunity to thank all my friends, readers, brands & PR for being an instrumental force in making what this blog is today. Lastly, I sincerely thank my family members for understanding and supporting my ideas and decision irrespective of how unconventional and even bizarre it sounded to others.

Many people often ask me about why I don’t go to office every day. Few others who are aware that I am into fashion blogging and freelancing are baffled by my decision to quit my day job as fashion designer in a reputed corporate organization to focus completely on blogging & freelancing. Of course, not many understand what I do and I only get tired of explaining what I do to almost every other person I meet on every other day. But what they need to understand is that I do what I love. When you can make a reasonable living doing what you love, just do what you love. You may not get rich immediately, but you’ll get to do what you love, and that’s priceless. Of course, be smart, take the necessary steps, and ease into it. Don’t quit your day job until doing what you love pays the bills.

Blogging is a hobby but being a blogger is a career choice. It’s important to do it right and there’s only one way to do it right – by devoting the necessary time and attention and not a treat it like a second-grade hobby. That’s the only way to hang in there for 6 years or even 6 months for that matter. Six years ago, I had no clue that I’ll be doing it full-time today but I am really glad that I am.

***Some snapshots from making of the doodle art***

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