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Clothes That Fit Your Body Type – Van Heusen My Fit

How often is it that you tried out a new shirt and something just doesn’t feel right about the fit? Maybe it’s the shoulder. Or the sleeve length. Or was it the collar? Most men today wear poorly fitted clothes and it’s not hard to see why. Most clothes are cut to fit as many men as possible and the clothes often require additional alterations to suit your body type. Of course, the problem isn’t with your body frame but the clothes itself. We ain’t no mannequins!

Each one of us is unique with different body types. I am 6 feet tall with a lean body frame. A standard 38 size shirt fit my shoulders while it hangs loosely on my body and I require a 39-40 size to fit my length. Tricky! For those of you who relate to my rants, Van Heusen’s new innovation My Fit offers 6 different fits in 13 sizes leading to 10,000 possible sizing combinations! My Fit styles allow you to choose from your body type, size and desired style to help you break from compromises of choosing between style and perfect fit.

I had ordered a grey melange shirt and black trousers from their online store and was a delight to save myself the hassles of getting formal clothes altered to fit. I teamed the shirt and trousers with suspenders, bow tie, wayfarers and a pair of oxfords to put together a monochromatic look.  Neutral charcoals are still ruling the trend books and also has a modern, minimalistic and timeless appeal.

Grey Melange Shirt & Black Trousers – Van Heusen
P.S. Wear French cuffed shirt without a blazer at your own risk!
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