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Indiblogger Meet & IFB Links a la Mode Feature

February is such a serious month. New Year party already seems like it happened several months ago. We’re back to business. Start new things. Conquer the world. You know, regular stuff. Blogging. The week was improving the blog while looking the best it. I had traveled to Bangalore last weekend to attend the Indiblogger #GoSleeekASUSexperience meet where around 200 odd Indian bloggers gathered under the same roof. Also, I have signed up could of new and exciting collaborations that you’ll soon hear about. My blog article 3 Trends from LCM You Can Wear Now was featured in IFB Links a la Mode round up. Read all the 20 fabulous article below:

Links à la Mode: January 29th

Snapshots from #GoSleeekASUSexperience Indiblogger meet

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