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5 Office Wardrobe Essentials Most Men Surprisingly Miss Out

Thanks to the countless fashion tips and advice that are readily available on internet and magazines, men are no longer clueless about what’s hot and what’s not hot in fashion. Most modern men understand the basic fashion rules and are aware of the numerous styles that are in trend. He wears jeans to office but confines to the darkest blue denim with no distressing. He understands that immaculate power of polished leather black shoes paired with black belt. He spends most of his waking weekday hours in an office knows the importance of getting the office wardrobe right. However, there are some office wardrobe essentials that are very obvious and still most men surprisingly miss out.


Most men end up stocking various styles of black leather shoes and end up missing out on diverse shades of tan, camel, umber, khaki et al. While a pair of black shoes remains a classic must-have, brown shoes come in handy to break the tedium of wearing black shoes five days a week. While black shoes go best with charcoal trousers, opt for brown alternatives over black when wearing navy or green chinos. Brown or even burgundy shoes can often add a stylish spin to your outlook. This curious case of turning a blind eye towards browns extends to belts and bags too.


I am sure that every man has studied about this drill. You are out of a hot shower and you apply the cologne. But strangely, most men seem to confine the etiquette of wearing cologne to night clubs only. So much is written about dressing correctly to office that many men seem to have forgotten the protocol attached to wearing a fragrance. A little perfume will make you pleasant, approachable and confident. You don’t want to overkill it by mixing it with the scent of axe and other body deo. Also, the cologne you wear to the night club may not be the best cologne to wear to office. Choosing a perfume modest enough for work is important. You don’t want to overdo it and leave a pungent trail of overly musky cologne. When you are wearing a scent on a daily basis, stick to a fragrance that suits your personal style.
I use a Diesel OTB Wild, the third fragrance from the brand’s OTB collection. Though the bottle looks like a G.I.JOE, I don’t find it very ‘wild’ and instead more formal. The fragrance starts on citrus notes and eventually transforms into spicy coconut and tropical fruit fragrance. It’s summery, fun and works perfectly for everyday use.


Most men have opened up to experimenting with patterns and colours in clothing. However, the old conservative guard will tell you to avoid patterned socks to office and instead stick with neutrals like back or brown and match the sock colour to your shoe. You can safely break these conventional dressing norms and instead feel free to opt for colourful and printed socks that complement your attire. Socks can be matched to something worn above the waist such as the shirt, tie or suspenders. I have found some interestingly patterned dress socks from Kipp & Ludwig.


Oh yes, you read that right! Why do many men pretend like sun is out only when they’re off to a movie date or the beach? Some blind men even wear sunglasses to night clubs and yet strangely seem to not include them in their office wardrobe. Isn’t it just as important to protect yourself from the sun while travelling in the morning or evenings especially in a hot and humid nation like India? The only rule to remember is – TAKE THEM OFF AT OFFICE ENTRANCE, PERIOD. You don’t need them indoors.


While I can endlessly write about the different must have office wardrobe essentials and offer styling tips to wear them, what really comes above all is to get the fit right. It’s needless to stress on the importance of wearing clothes that fit and dressing according to your body type is the foremost style tip anyone would ever need to look smart. For those of you whose body type don’t match the standard retail sizing guide, you may want to shop from stores that offer customized fit like Van Heusen My Fit from Trendin.com

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