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MODIfied Louis Vuitton Bag

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has cemented his position as a fashion icon when his orange shawl outdid Michelle Obama’s poppy print dress in New Delhi airport. Mr. Obama compared him to a Bollywood star and notably complimented his sense of style. Like a supermodel, PM Modi changed three outfits last Sunday. But what really made news was the bespoke marvel that our Prime Minister wore with his name intricately woven in pinstripe pattern on a navy bandhgala. The finesse and price of the jacquard woven fabric is parallel to luxury giants like Hermes, costing up to few lakhs. Though the blazer was a mere knock-off of what former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak wore, nevertheless, Modi is everywhere, even on his suit!

PM Modi’s jacket fabric with his name intricately woven



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