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IFB Feature & Mahabalipuram Travelogue

I willfully sauntered into a blind alley overlooking other tested routes. The trail was unfamiliar but had its own myriad enticements to proffer. I am a mercurial man on an impulsive jaunt in search of new experiences. Still dealing with familiar insecurities, I keenly followed the pathway unlocking one level after the other to reach a notorious dead end. No matter which road you take, the journey had to end some day. I took the chance, the road not taken. I chained myself to a friend. Our roads met for a brief moment and that’s all we could take. We shared our thoughts, disguised even more that went indiscernible like infinite stars that are concealed in the pitch black sky, some million light years away, unseen to the naked eye. You fail to grasp when the paradigm changes in a blink of eye. May be it teaches you a thing or two in the long run but in the interim, I keep wondering about the strange patterns in which the world works. I feel lost. Or maybe I am not. May be we do what we do for a reason and we’ll never completely understand the reason. We can always choose where we go from here. At this moment, I am unworried about fleeting experiences and instead directing all my energy towards work. Work hard and travel tirelessly. It feels even better when your hard-work is acknowledged. My blog article titled ‘The Significance of Joan Didion’s Celine Campaign‘ was featured in Links a la Mode by Independent Fashion Bloggers Community. Read all the top 20 blog articles of the week.

Links à la Mode: January 22nd

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Man wearing traditional costume Lungi
A tourist with deadlocks
Tourist at a shop
Sari and denims in street

70s inspired fashion in streets of Mahabalipuram
The shore temple of Mahabalipuram
Mahabalipuram lighthouse

Sunset at Mahabalipuram beach

Lighthouse in night
Vibrant kuchupudi dance costume – Indian dance festival at Mahabalipuram
Odissi dance – Indian dance festival at Mahabalipuram

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