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Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

Lips have a unique aura that can impel your night with myriad warm fuzzy moments. A pair of lips gently purse on a lit joint to inhale smoke and later part ways to blow out the smoke which is sometimes, collected back by another pair of lips. The warm head rush that follows induces a feeling of euphoria. Not that it lands you in a delusion of utopia but drives you by pragmatism and tolerance towards the plethora of hypocritical social constraints. We still live in a society where women drinking alcohol is evil and against the culture, men smoking cigarettes may be evil but not against the culture and sadhus smoking gaanja is not against the culture & definitely not evil. A sudden burst of complex and deep insights settle in. You laugh off ludicrous set of morals that society dictates. Morals are subjective to what the immediate environment imbibes in an individual. For some pre-marital sex is immoral. For others, it is moral if it’s about passion and not lust. For some, pre-marital sex is unethical. For others it’s ethical if it inculcates in marriage. For some, pre-marital sex is unacceptable. For others, it’s acceptable as long as it’s between two and not three, four or more. For some, pre-marital sex is something to frown upon. For others, it is being narrow minded to frown upon pre-marital sex, of course… given it’s not between the same gender. Good news is that none of these assessments on ethics matters. What really matters is to have the personal freedom to explore the body and mind, and free the personal self from moral sexual confines. After all, the social matrix of coming out on pre-marital sex, pornography, sexuality and other recreational erotic fantasies have more to do with personal freedom than morals. I am not challenging the status quo on the subject, neither do I conform with but I retrospect my experiences and stand by my conviction of what I want. I owe it to the puff to relentlessly seek answers and further question my answers to derive more fleeting ideas and continue to do so. I owe it to the puff for reverberating alternative perceptions that draw appreciation of a hitherto overlooked phenomenon. I owe it to the puff for making the music sound better than usual and wow, the nature seems to be more attractive than ever.


What can be more riveting than another puff or the aura of nature is the enigmatic power of a kiss that can express feelings of concern, respect, greeting, friendship, love, passion, sexual activity and a lot more. Your eyes gaze and hunt for clues. Your lips touch and tongues sensate. Fiery flesh comes together and burns in passion and often concludes in surreal silence. Eyes fail to make contact briefly while mind is engaged in deep assessment of the moment and deeper assessment of self. Lighting a fag and taking turns makes the moment lighter before you cuddle your own securities and insecurities and have a sound good night sleep.
A passionate kiss doesn’t understand or differentiate relationships in a spectrum of one night stands to friends with benefits, open relationships to relationships and marriages to open-marriages. Marriages or any relationship as such come with self-outlined rules, anticipation and demands while love in its purest form remains unconditional. One may decline proximity to social and financial bondage (read: marriage) and on the contrary have desires to feel cozy under a strong hold, a faint touch, a kiss that takes your breath away and a warm cuddle that radiates the purest emotions that love can educe.


Reminiscing the puff and the kiss, the corners of the lips gently twirl upwards as the face gleams in smile. Lips wear a subtle curve on sight of marks, love notes written in flesh. A genuine human bond with no expectations albeit ephemeral is reprieve of misplaced anticipations and unnecessary complications. It may be hard for the conservative old guard to fathom but intimacy need not come with an agenda and the agenda need not be a commitment and the commitment need not lead to a marriage. I am bitten by wanderlust, on an eternal voyage, inexorably looking for incidents where one thing leads to another before exploring a possible of way of organizing life, commitment and decide whose turn it is to make coffee. Two lips, now a familiar strangers whisper a merry adieu with only expectation of having no expectations. Oh, there is an expectation indeed – kiss me hard before you go.



“Warm Fuzzy Moments.” | Pencil illustration


“The Puff” | Pencil sketch enhanced digitally

“A Psychedelic Kiss” | Pencil illustration

“The Kiss” | Pen illustration

“Body and Mind” | Pen illustration

Well, that’s a pen illustration of Johnny Depp who has nothing to do with this article. Just that his attitude looks dangerously stylish and I couldn’t resist sketching it. 

“Kiss me hard before you go.” | Pen illustration
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