Purushu's award winning fashion blog was founded in 2009 while studying fashion design at NIFT New Delhi. At the age of 19, he was invited by FDCI to write official show reviews at India Fashion Week, New Delhi. Following a stint as menswear designer at Future Group (Lee Cooper), Mumbai in 2013, he relocated to Chennai where he continued blogging and wrote guest columns for The Hindu. In 2017, Purush Arie launched India's first exclusive gender neutral fashion e-commerce. Purushu spoke about gender neutral revolution through fashion at TEDxChennai in March 2018.

Meet My Friend Rahul

Post college days, I never imagined myself playing football till I met my friend Rahul, an architect who lives and breathes football. Rahul darts around his architecture studio in a well tailored light blue shirt and camel trousers from Byford that compliments his tall and gym-toned athletic frame as I meet him to discuss about a design project. Seated in his tastefully decorated office space, I scan the minimal interior design predominantly in pristine white while the wall adjacent to me features a subtle contemporary painting of New York City’s scintillating skyline. But what really adds vigour to the ambience is Rahul’s lively character that I’ve ever known. He is rushing through his enormous collection of files and books and shows me an intricately sketched plan of what he proudly claims is his biggest ambition – developing the largest self sustaining township in the world! After winding up with work, we munch through healthy veggies and he shows me snapshots of his loving parents having a fun adventure in the wild jungles of South Africa. As Rahul and I flip through more candid moments captured from a relaxed bike trip in Leh/Ladakh, his friends Pari, Esha and Sara join us. The five of us unanimously decide to spend the rest of the weekend eve at a local rock pub. After all, Rahul is a go-getter who believes in working hard but partying harder!

Doodle by Purushu Arie

I will follow up with the chronicles of Rahul and myself in upcoming blogposts. Watch this space for more 😉

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