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Illustration – Cara Delevnigne

The biggest disappointments in life are the result of misplaced expectations. Tempering unrealistic expectations of how something ‘should be’ will greatly reduce unnecessary frustration. Hence, if you can make a reasonable living doing what you love, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. You may not get rich, but you’ll get to do what you love, and that’s priceless. Of course, be smart, take the necessary steps, and ease into it. Don’t quit your day job until doing what you love pays the bills. I had recently quit my day job as a fashion designer to completely focus on blogging and I managed to bring a paint brush on paper to make an illustration after some two long years! It’s a great feeling to find your old self back and go back to doing things that you once loved.

English supermodel, actress and singer Cara Delevingne turned 22 on Aug. 12 2014. Happy Birthday, Cara!

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  • September 23, 2014

    I love the part in this when you mentioned that we should be smart about our choices/whilst doing what we love. I used to work in law and in my early 20s threw caution in the wind to be a freelance stylist and writer. i dont regret making the switch, but i definitely was not smart in the choices i made whilst in fashion. Almost 10yrs later, i have 2 jobs- 1) head of marketn comms dpt of school in nigeria 2) work for a fashion mag in Berlin. i live in both places at different points of the yr and my aim is when there is a full time fashion job that can give me the quality of life i want, i will go to fashion full time. Sorry for the rant, but I love to hear about people's career changes and chip in with my own experiences! Ps nice illustration love the shading!

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