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mem·o·ry  [memuh-ree]

noun, plural mem·o·ries.

the mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions, etc., or ofrecalling or recognizing previous experiences.

Sometimes you’ll never know the value of a moment till it becomes a memory. It’s ironic and unfortunate that I couldn’t recollect this memory.  4 years ago, on April 11th 2009, I had penned my first blogpost which reads-

 “Hello…I am Purushu, an 18yr old design aspirant who has currently joined the department of fashion design, NIFT New Delhi. Of late, I’ve been a lot into fashion and its design aspects. I am a lot inspired by the artistic expression of fashion. I love wild silhouettes, intricate details, wacky cuts, crazy textures and bold colours.

As a  budding designer, I’d like this blog to be my expression of fashion and design. This blog would be more of my fashion scrapbook where I’d write about my favourite collections, inspiring design elements, fashion illustrations, styling and fashion photography and my design creations that I’ll be religiously doing for the rest of my life!”.

Memory, I have a poor one. Memories, I have many to rejoice and cherish and this is certainly one of them!
I still remember that arbitrary moment when I randomly opened and created this blog when I had no clue that it’ll go on to be rated as Delhi’s most influential blog! I had no idea that I’ll be attending high-end social events. I had no idea that I’ll be getting my 1st big pay cheque. I seriously never thought that I’ll be writing the official fashion show reviews for FDCI WIFW. It’s all crazy when I look back. I don’t have anything more to add apart from thanking you all for the love and support!
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