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The Role of a Fashion Influencer in Fashion Cycle

The first question asked by my professor at NIFT, three years ago on the very first day in my college was – What is fashion? Students came up with plenty of answers talking about fashion being comfortable, glamorous, looking good and stylish etc. The answers were merely a mix of what people in general perceived fashion is to be. So what exactly is fashion? Before answering that let’s understand the terms ‘style’ and ‘trend’.

STYLE is a way of expressing something that is characteristic of a particular person or group of people of a period. In short, style = self expression. 
TREND is the ‘Style’ that is popular at a given time.
FASHION is defined as a prevailing custom which majority in a group follow at any one time, no matter how small the group is. It reflects the lifestyle of a community. Fashion is always trendy, but a style may or may not not be.
Every generation laughs at the old fashion, but religiously follows the new. Fashion is evolutionary: something that is ever changing. A fashion that was IN yesterday is forgotten today. A fashion that is IN today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Fashion and style are easily misunderstood by many. There seems to be a lots of confusion in understanding fashion and style and their relationship with trends and this surprisingly extends to many fashion and style bloggers too. For example, the following are some snippets from a conversation I had with a fashion blogger in twitter.
Lauren states that she, “beleives in wearing what you want when you want, rather than following trends specifically and fashion isn’t a right-or-wrong process, it’s individual”.
Unlike Lauren’s statement, fashion IS a right-or-wrong process. You either get it right or wrong. After all, Fashion is just a combination of art and science, which can be predicted with remarkable accuracy by those who study and understand the fundamentals of the fashion.
Every person in this planet has a style statement of their own. It’s just that some people are more fashion conscious and trendy which sets them apart and fashion bloggers are one of them. So what is a fashion blogger’s role in fashion cycle? Who are fashion bloggers – fashion innovators, leaders or followers?
Fashion Innovators are generally the fashion designers and celebrities like Lady Gaga who dare to be different and introduce new fashion trends. Ex: Christian Dior’s New Look, Madonna’s innerwear for outerwear look in 80s.
Fashion Leaders are generally the public celebrities, high profile socialites or even some fashion bloggers like Bryanboy who are the first to adopt a new trend. Say Bryanboy wears a Prada SS13 ensemble right after the show even before the season has begun, he’s probably one of the first to adopt the trend, hence a fashion leader.

Fashion Influencers are the fashion conscious crowd, role models of latest fashion. Trendy people who are first among the ‘consumer-segment’ to adopt a new trend. Fashion bloggers are a classic example of fashion influencers.

Fashion followers are those who adopt a trend when the trend reaches the peak stage. For instance, colour blocking a big trend this season, kick-started some 2-3 years ago. By spring/summer 2012, the trend has reached it’s peak stage and will soon see a decline as it will pave way for other trends. Ideally, fashion followers are those who adopt the colour-blocking trend this spring/summer when it has already reached the peak stage and will soon decline. Fashion laggers are those ‘unfashionable’ people who will adopt a trend at its decline stage, say from a clearance sale!

Being a fashion influencer, what is a fashion blogger’s role in fashion cycle? Fashion bloggers are a ‘catalyst‘ in fashion cycle. Fashion bloggers are a very powerful tool to alter the pace of fashion cycle and trends like never before. With mass-media communication and internet, fashion bloggers help the latest trends reach the mass much effectively than it was ever before. Now fast fashion has it’s own pros-and-cons and can be debated over and over. However, there’s no denial of the fact that fashion bloggers are indeed the newest and most powerful addition to the fast changing fashion industry.

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  • July 4, 2012

    U r a great person, its inspired me, even us. I got it now that what is fashion actually. It's feeling great to read the post.

  • July 4, 2012

    Great post Purushu..I have size 0 background in Fashion yet I feel I have a Style. I dress what my mind+heart+country+reach combines and make me wear. I loved dressing when I hardly knew what these terms actually meant like fashion/style/trend. My style determines my image so I dress attractive, classy, elegant yet comfortable.

    Thanks for sharing Fashion basics.

  • August 12, 2014

    Great Post Purushu, Fashion is getting more evolved to suit our sensibilities better.
    For eg. This really funky boxer's brand that i recently shopped from.
    Check out printed briefs

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