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Draping Knits

Few months ago, when the semester had just begun… Knitwear module was one of the most boring subject that we had. I would hopelessly operate the flat bed machine to knit swatches of jersey, cardigan and so on. Post the mid-semester exams, we started draping with knits and that’s where probably the real essence of the subject lies in… draping with knits is pure FUN. I designed and constructed my first t-shirt yesterday. The unexplained happiness that you feel when you wear something you had designed and stitched with plenty of efforts and hard work!


The t-shirt has a single seam line with no side seams. The seam starts at the neckline yoke, cuts the back and ends at the hem near front princess seam.
Bits of fabric… lying on the floor! The overlock machine where i worked.
While we were busy making t-shirts, final year students were restlessly working on their graduate collection as the show is just few weeks away! Though I am not really allowed to post images of their garments prior to the fashion show, here are some photos taken in the lab as the next generation Manish AroraS and Prabal GurungS were at work. (Oh. Yeah. They learnt it from the same labs where we learn it.)
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