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Charcoal blush

This is ‘that‘ time of the year when more than one things go wrong.
The time when you get to know what your once best friends talked behind you.
The time when your laptop crashes.. wiping away data (the only records of 3 years of handwork and toil) that were to make your portfolio.
The time when you down with illness and tired both physically and mentally.
The time when everything is ‘black’ around you.
The time when things are clear yet so blurred and shapeless.
The time when I’d want to wipe out the colour and escape into emptiness.
The time when you would need ‘break’ from everything around.
But, this is also the time when you realize who’d be holding your hand and standing next to you when you need the most, some one you can count on!

Print and computer rendered flats developed by Sayanti for a recent FID (Fashion Illustration & Design) submission at NIFT Delhi.
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