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Rimzim Dadu – Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW 2012

Rimzim Dadu for her autumn/winter 2012 collection, brought the ‘industry chic look’ back to fashion with her signature urban warrior ensemble. Rimzim Dadu’s forte lies recreating the couture tradition through sleek and edgy silhouettes combined with wild and quirky surface treatment. Fast-forward ageing process was explored through techniques such as dyeing, burning and staining. Micro components like wires, yarns and sequins were individually treated before constructing an overall surface, making every piece unique – something that will pass on for generations.

The show started with a burnt metallic off-shoulder dress followed by a metallic skirt teamed with a zari top in similar tone. Black fitted trousers were paired with rust dye tops, gold plated and fins jacket. Sequins were individually dyed using tie and dye technique. The final garment, a 3-D metallic plate dress was proficiently constructed with bold zipper details in side-seam. Metallic loops, plates, cutout sheath, plastic plate and burnt colours remained a very integral part of the collection which is high on metal, industry and futurism.

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