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Japanese connection in India

I had very recently written about how certain Indian and British fashion designer share similar aesthetic sensibilities in the blogpost ‘British connection in Indian runway‘. If India and Brits derive the connection from the ‘colonial rule’, Japan and India share the Eastern bonding. We share a similar fashion calendar. On the wake of the tragic earthquake last year, Japanese fashion designers showed in India.  The loose socks. Lolita sub-culture. The Japanese goth. Japan’s street fashion has taken the world by storm, which has hit India too. India’s own ‘Galliano; Manish Arora is highly inspired from Japanese silhouettes. On second thoughts, most of his models are Japanese. (Aren’t they?). The designer duo Nidhi and Divya Gambhir of Waulnut represented India in Tokyo recently. I am myself highly inspired from Japanese culture. Remember the Geisha theme I was working on a few semesters back?


FDCI has tied up with the Japan Fashion Week Organization to present for the first time in India “Tokyo Fashion Week ” at WIFW 2012. Supported by the Ministry of Economic Trade and Industry, Japan, the event will be a unique cultural exchange between the two countries and a rare opportunity for the Indian fashion fraternity to view up-close the fashion finesse of Japan. The association also marks the 60th anniversary celebration project of diplomatic relations between India and Japan. 

 Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2012 will witness a joint fashion show by three designers brands from Japan – “ANREALAGE,” “mintdesigns” and “suzuki takayuki”. A special delegation from Japan will also be present at WIFW to view Indian designs on the ramp. In addition to the show, products and philosophies of 10 brands representing “10 Faces of the Tokyo Culture” will be on display at the WIFW.

Announcing the collaboration, Sunil Sethi, President, FDCI, said, “Bringing this event to India is a path-breaking initiative to promote cross-cultural relations between the two countries. This year will be a milestone in the history of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, when, for the first time ever, Indian and Japanese fashion will converge under one roof.”

Well. That means, we can look forward to see garments like:


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