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Day 4 at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Autumn/Winter 2012-13

#My favourite for the day: ANREALAGE and Rahul Mishra.

#Missed the morning shows

#The seminar by Kenya Hara was too long! But had interesting content in respect to design.

#The Japanese show was amazing! Loved Anrealage especially!

#Rahul Mishra was fabulous. Played with simple, sophisticated silhouettes in black. Loved the way he played with lines.

#Day 4 was a day of RIDICULOUS FITTING!

#Side seams were puckered and cups were jetting out at Monapali

#ROcky S was most awaited show, but was easily forgettable. Hope he goes back to being Rocky S next season 😐

#This is probably the first time Rocky S didn’t use black.

#What’s even disappointing is that the construction went bad! Blouse fit was bad! real bad! #Lots of ease in blouses at Rocky S. You can further make another 1″ dart in them!!

#Bipasha looked gorgeous in spite of the weirdo cherry-red lipstick. R Madhavan looked as charming as ever 🙂

#Payal Jain’s garments were urban and commercial too, but the stylist spoilt her party! GOLDEN RULE – You don’t wear animal prints head to toe.

#Sanchita’s faux fur – not so opulent!

#What’s funny is that models walked in light weight chiffon and crepe on a backdrop of artificial snowfall!!!! LOL xD They call is ‘AUTUMN-WINTER’

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So, this particular TWEET was featured in Hindustan Times City edition on 20th February 2012. Do take a look at the other tweets on Day 4 at WIFW AW 2012.
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  • February 23, 2012

    Your comments made me grin from ear to ear but the fact is, you are right in everything you said.

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