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Day 3 – Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW 2012

#Too many shows. My favourites were Anand Bhushan, Kallol Dutta and Rimzim Dadu

#Among the first 5 shows, Bhanuni by Jyoti Sharma created an impact in a mystic colour palette of reds and black. Others were all anarkalis and kalidars with brocades. Bored of seeing them all over for a 3rd continuous day now.

# Anand Bhushan’s models were robots moulded from junkyard.

#Anand Bhushan’s garments had amazing surface treatment. One of them actually carried nuts and bolts.

# What’s best about Anand’s show is that the garments were techno yet edgy and sexy!

#Kallol Datta’s silhouettes looked amazing in a charcoal colour palette.

#Rimzim Dadu brought back the industry goth look.

#Every sequins were individually dyed and treated before they were put together to form a surface here at Rimzim Dadu’s show!!!! STUPENDOUS CRAFTSMANSHIP!

#Her last ensemble (the plastic mould) some how reminds me of Manish Arora’s plastic mould garments at Paco Rabbane #The special show for PETA was attended by Vivek Oberoi and Leander Paes.

#Didn’t watch Pankaj & Nidhi

 #What I loved the most about Abraham & Thakore was the contemporary take on mirror embroidery work of Kutch.

#Manish Malhotra’s front row was star studded. I met the gorgeous Urmila who is still in shape in spite of age.

#Manish Malhotra is more into Kashmiri work these days. From a commercial point of view, you don’t have an option but to focus on ethnic.

#Kangna Ranaut walked in really late as Mr. Sethi guided her to the front row. She looked gorgeous in Manish’s creation. People kept guessing till the end if she would walk the ramp. Nope she didn’t.

#I don’t remember the name of the fat actress who was sitting next to Kangna though.

#The industry goth and the boho-gypsy looks seem to be the biggest trends that have emerged so far in the fashion week. #roomy culottes are the most popular silhouettes. #Metallic shades of gold, bronze are really popular! #Red is another colour which is HOT this season!

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