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Best of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012

ABRAHAM & THAKORE – The garments at Abraham & Thakore were very wearable. Modern silhouettes were fused with some exceptional surface techniques inspired from the ‘Kuchch” region. I personally loved the contemporary take on mirror work in the outfits.

ANAND BHUSHAN – The show witnessed some of the best surfaces this season. Probably Rimzim Dadu’s line is the only other collection that can match up to Anand Bhushan. The junkyard inspired embellishments were simply exceptional at Anand Bhushan autumn/winter 2012 show. Anand Bhushan’s models were ‘robots’ moulded out of rusted metal, scrap parts and micro components of machinery sourced from a junkyard!!

ANJU MODI – Age old cultural dressing was passionately transformed into contemporary fashion here at Anju Modi AW 2012. The fashion designer drew inspiration from Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to create an ultra-feminine nomadic look in earthy hues of ivory, grey, charcoal and red.
Use of red was a master stroke to break an otherwise muted grey/black/ivory ensemble.

ANREALAGE – The visual effects of pixelated 2-D images were beautifully transformed into 3-D garments that looked highly graphical and modern. In a digital era where people are obsessed with sharpness and clarity of the imageries, ANREALAGE’s garments were pixelated and unpredictable yet highly detailed and focused.
The pixel effects were created through prints, mosaic work and fabric strips woven together. The play of angular cuts, pixelation and the unpredictability is commendable!

MEERA ALI – The utility chic look gets a sexy makeover at Meera Ali. Extremely wearable and comfortable separates catering to modern day needs. Loved the silhouettes, especially the pegged trousers. The collection is highly practical.

PERO by ANEETH ARORA – The ‘Pero’ show was a master class and tells you how exactly to layer together scrumptious fabrics and textures in style. Patch work was extensively used in jackets and wide-leg trousers. Knitted sweaters had a quirky heart in fuchsia at the back. Baby doll silhouettes, jackets and trousers featured polka dots, graphical checks and stripes which continue to rule the ‘Pero’ ramp for quite some time now.
Another important aspect of Aneeth Arora’s show was the relevance to the season! While almost every other designers were busy showcasing resort-ish collections dominated by chiffons, crepe and cotton, Aneeth Arora used woolen knits! Pero was the first show in WIFW AW 2012 to feature woolen knits!!!!

RAHUL MISHRA – The fashion designer drew inspiration from sportswear to create sophisticated yet peppy ensembles in hand woven fabrics. A steady backdrop of warm and cool neutrals counterbalances brighter pastel shades. The garments are constructed using seamless patterns resulting in Rahul Mishra’s signature strong cuts, yet encompassing an uncomplicated look. I also love the way Rahul Mishra plays with lines and panels!

RIMZIM DADU – You cannot help but drool over the surfaces at Rimzim Dadu’s show. Rimzim Dadu’s forte lies recreating the couture tradition through sleek and edgy silhouettes combined with wild and quirky surface treatment. Fast-forward ageing process was explored through techniques such as dyeing, burning and staining. Micro components like wires, yarns and sequins were individually treated before constructing an overall surface, making every piece unique – something that will pass on for generations.

SOLTEE by SULAKSHANA – The show featured the best of Indo-Western clothing. Traditional silhouettes were juxtaposed with a hint of futurism. The surfaces were simply delicious and feminine at Sulakshana’s show.

TARUN TAHILIANI – Almost 90% of the shows in WIFW AW 2012-13 season featured ethnic collection and Tarun Tahiliani’s ethnic collection is the undisputed winner! He is INCREDIBLE!

So, that’s my top 10 picks from Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012-13. Dare to choose ONE if you can!!

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