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ANREALAGE – Tokyo Fashion Week in WIFW AW 2012

The Tokyo Fashion Week in Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012-13 kick-started on a digital note with ANREALAGE showcasing a collection inspired from the beauty of low resolution imageries. The visual effects of pixelated 2-D images were beautifully transformed into 3-D garments that looked highly graphical and modern. In a digital era where people are obsessed with sharpness and clarity of the imageries, ANREALAGE’s garments were pixelated and unpredictable yet highly detailed and focused.

Models were styled with pixelated eye gears as they walked in comfortable and highly practical garments. Patterns and shapes of the clothing were pixelated and transformed into abstract cubic elements where patchwork squares were used to create floral and camouflaged patterns. The cube elements in the garment take you on a visual journey where details appear blurred and unpredictable from a closer look and becomes lucid and clear from a distance.

The show opened with a series of digitally printed garments in subdued pastel colours were styled with pixelated stockings. The pixels later transformed from prints to adept weaves in bold colours. Hems and the notch collar details had angular cuts. The elegantly draped garments looked delicate and added a feminine flavour to the collection which is unique and one of a kind!

Pixels as prints.
Love the angular cuts on the notch collar and hems!! Simple yet bold detailing.
Pixels created using mosaic work.
Weaving! It takes immense patience and skill to create something like this by weaving strips of fabric!! Hatss-offfffff!
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  • February 23, 2012

    If you had not pointed things out like angular cuts on the notch collar and the weaving, I probably wouldn't have noticed. Thanks.

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