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Anand Bhushan – Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW 2012

Just minute before the fashion show started, fashion designer Anand Bhushan walked up to the media seats and told us, “Guys… Feel free to hoot xD”. His fresh and young thoughts were very much reflected in his outfits too! Without any doubt.. It was one of the most memorable show on day 3 at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

Anand Bhushan’s models were ‘robots’ moulded out of rusted metal, scrap parts and micro components of machinery sourced from a junkyard. Tinu Verghese opened for Anand Bhushan autumn/winter 2012 in a heavily embellished grey metallic ensemble which was followed by a series of jackets, fitted dresses and tops teamed with cigarette fit trousers in metallic steel.

Body hugging silhouettes were replaced by fluid drapes in satin with edgy metallic waist belt made of metal scraps. Gentle pleats and tucks were pristinely tailored in fluid chiffon drapes. The models here at Anand Bhushan adorned garments that appeared to be moulds or casts. Pencil fit skirts, cape sleeves, armour like attachments were styled with chunky bracelets. A full length gown in charcoal was heavily padded with graphical checks and a long trail. An armour dress in grey which was completely constructed of scrape nuts, bolts and screws, received a thunderous round of applause from the audience who were awestruck by Anand’s creativity.

Anand’s silhouettes were strong and powerful while the metallic embellishments added the glam and glitz.

Tinu opens for Anand Bhushan in an embellished grey dress.
Anand Bhushan’s garments were high on surface. Modern, sexy and highly wearable too!
The armour like thing in Tinu’s outfit was constructed of scrape nuts, bolts and screws!!!
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