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Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2012

This is 2012. Most fashion designers and other artists still interpret the stereotypical ‘Maharaja’, jungle and snake charmers when it comes to visually interpreting the diverse culture of India. When I first heard of Prabal Gurung’s pre-fall 2012 collection having Indian inspiration, beads, embroidery and drapes were the first elements that I could imagine of. But Prabal Gurung actually astonished me by not taking inspiration from the ‘obvious’.

Nope. The garments were did not carry dhoti cowls but more towards to cuts and structure. The surface was not of the typical zardozi or chikan embroidery but stunning kaleidoscopic prints. quotes, “Accordingly, the glitz factor was near zero. He relied on a kaleidoscope print for his dresses and separates rather than the glitzy embroideries he’s sometimes been known for. The palette was just as focused; in addition to black and white, he zeroed in on emerald green and a subtle, earthy pink. At the time of our appointment, a silk cocktail dress in the former was already in the possession of a famous red-carpet-bound actress the name of whom Gurung wouldn’t reveal. Like we said, upswing.”

It makes me feel really happy as well as proud for the fact that Prabal Gurung himself started off his journey as a fashion designer from the very same college I studied. He worked in the very same lab where I draft my patterns now and was taught by the same faculties who teach me now! Proud of you!


Images from the collection:

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