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FASHION, Jackets, Corsets and Trousers

I was chatting with a fellow fashion blogger Stylefluid Trendz, a facebook fashion blogger who regularly posts amazing visuals related to fashion and design and he was explaining me how it was the worst decision in his life to not choose to study in a fashion college.

In my college, thirty students graduate every year from the fashion design department. They are expert pattern makers and have a creative flair for fashion illustrations. But not everybody graduates with an understanding of fashion. I believe that the flair for fashion, style and design comes from within and a faculty/professor can only teach you techniques to express your vision. The curiosity for trends, the love for brands, the thirst for being updated, the aesthetic sense… it comes from your lifestyle and cultural values. It’s in the books that you read, the websites that you surf, the places you travel, the blogs you read.

Most students in my batch are not really sure if brights are still in trend, but the blogger I chatted with (Stylefluid Trendz) knows what Dolce & Gabbana AW12 menswear show was about. The show was live only few hours ago! He tells me, “fashion has been always thr with me..even when i was growing up…it was just thr..and it still amazes me..how in the hell i knew about fashion houses,labels.designers..”. 

Most fashion design students across the world have master draping skills, create amazing surfaces, make quirky patterns and yet are clueless when asked about the designers who used paisley motifs in their recent collection. There is a reason why I discuss ‘DESIGN’ with my classmates but ‘FASHION’ with bloggers! Bloggers seem to know the latter better =)) We share knowledge and ideas through our blogposts. I take the joy of being both a ‘design student’ and a ‘fashion blogger’!

On that note, here are some of the my latest creations… jackets, corsets and trousers that we made for our end-term integrated term project.

My Creation: The mustard jacket was inspired from impossible figures, with an interesting overlap buttons and a similar back. The jacket is teamed with a trouser which has an apple peel pattern which has a single seam line revolves its way down the hem.

Sayanti’s Jacket had bold shoulder detail; teamed with a black trouser.
Madhu and Vertika’s ensemble.
Ashish’s ensemble.
Jazz(Left) wearing Gaurav’s creation.
Vertika’s jacket and corset.
Meenakshi at the machine.
Jessica tracing her patterns.
Prakriti.. and her corset.
A student’s creation.
Our juniors made Bodice and Skirts.
Students at work!
Dutta in his creation.
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