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A silent disco, fashion and futurism

The Absolut mode edition launch saw the brand collaborating with fashion designer Nida Mahmood and artist Raul Chandra in hosting a one of a kind ‘silent disco’ at an under construction venue at Hotel Claridges in New Delhi. It was totally a unique experience as Vivek and I were baffled at the entrance as electrifying were laser lights were at play illuminating the room with raw walls which were barely finished.

Midst the laser lights, LCD projections and the raw construction venue, Nida Mahmood and Raul Chandra created a fashion and art installation in the shape of the ABSOLUT MODE bottle – it was all about the unspoken; seeking fashoin nirvana. A couple of garments from Nida’s collection were at display. The two ensembles spoke of a colourful narrative of futuristic fashion on Indian Kitsch. The garments were meticulously crafted with over 1000 LED lights on each. No wonder, Lady Gaga picked one of these on her recent visit to India!!

Some snapshots from the night.

The ABSOLUT Mode party venue. Electrifying laser lights, Neon and Futurism at play!
Installation created by Nida Mahmood and Raul Chandra.
Fashion Designer Nida Mahmood and Artist Raul Chandra with the Installation.
The two LED lights studded garments at display in the event.
Designer Nikhil Mehra with his wife.
Saloli Kumar with a friend.
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