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She made this and that

With around 20+ blog posts crying for immediate attention in my blogger draft, I am still clueless on why exactly I am starting off with yet another brand new post.
 Off late, life is turning out to be eventful and I am occupied with college, assignments, friends and other constructive events. I had spent the entire day in college figuring out and constructing a winter jacket for my final exams. It’s the same old story. The work, assignments and the pressure… never seems to end, but only pile up with time. They make you feel exhausted or even ‘consumed’! Right now, my life is all about the smell of muslin and poplin. Or may there are other things beyond this manual and mental labour. May be there’s more to it. There is no point when you achieve all the success that you have dreamt of and yet forced to walk back to a deserted home. What if you don’t even have anyone to smile back at? What is the whole point if you can’t spend time with the loved ones? What are we without the people around us? SCARY!

She seems to manage it all well. She drapes this amazing dress in college…

And when back home, she finds time to post this on my FB wall! Cuteee!

Life’s good!

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