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See-through generation!

My followers must be quite aware of the fact that it’s been quite a while since I have updated my blog. There are numerous blog posts on Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week and other spring/summer 2012 shows that I am dying to write about.

For all those who aren’t aware, I am spending my next ten days in Chennai. We have got a short autumn/diwali break for around 15 days. I reached home yesterday after a long 24 hour train journey and damn… I am already missing my friends back there in New Delhi. That doesn’t mean home is not exciting or fun. I got to eat home-made-food! A hostel-dweller would know what I mean. HOME-MADE-FOOD! It’s fun to spend time with your family, friends and places with whom you grew up.

I have also been jotting down ideas for my next integrated term project. I am supposed to make a corset dress with jacket or a corset top, trouser and a jacket. I am planning to combine a corset top/trouser with sheet shirt and a jacket! I haven’t really thought much about the trouser or the corset top. I really want to make a sheer shirt and team it with much rough and aggressive overcoat/jacket.

Charlize Theron was sporting this Christian Dior see through dress. I really love the fabric as it’s exactly what I want my shirt to look like. Delicate and gentle like those floral motifs.

I would probably like to recreate and play with the style lines of those jackets from Comme de Garcons spring/summer 2010 collection!

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