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Friday Dressing!

I am 20. My style is mostly inspired from the sports that I watch and the music that I listen to. I never followed the traditional ‘rules’ or the conventional dressing style, which has always kept me a little away from making a purchase from those grey-whites-dominant menswear brands. I confine myself to looking and admiring at them.

Allen Solly is probably one of those very few brands which has earned a unique reputation in my mindspace for keeping all those conventional rules at bay and break free from those conventional dressing norms. There are vibrant dashes of colour, lines and silhouettes to its collection style which appeals not just the experimentative young professionals but also students like me. It is one such brand that would get you out of that old, dull and business-stuck-up-professional world. Its young, happy, chirpy and creates a sense of freedom and happiness around you.

I loved this photoshoot in particular which I stumbled upon in their facebook link.

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