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Best of Mens Fashion – Spring/Summer 2012

The 5 of best menswear fashion shows from the spring/summer 2012 runway which I loved the most include Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Burberry Prorsum, DSquared2 and Gucci. Alexander McQueen and Gucci takes us back to the sixties London’s cool gentleman look. Burberry Prorsum frayed  into tribal patterns and ikkat prints. Dan and Dean Caten of DSquared2 were inspired from a traveler who traveled across Europe. While Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta and Gucci incorporated somewhat a muted colour palette, Burberry Prorsum and DSquared sent out bright and vibrant colours.

Alexander McQueen menswear fashion show tipped in moving ahead from the military trend that prevailed previous season, in terms of both colours and silhouette. The menswear fashion show witnessed the sixties-seventies front man of English rock era being recalled in runway. What I loved the most was the mens jacket with hambug stripes in coral and crimson colour. Jackets had skinny lapel which were teamed with loose fitted trousers. My favourite was the mustard jacket which looks totally effortless and smart.

Bottega Veneta spring/summer 2012 mens fashion show aimed at presenting single piece garments like the way a dress works for a woman. The collection was inspired from the Arab spring, an exploration into Arab countries. My favourite runway looks include mens shirt in chestnut with blurred check patterns teamed with trousers. The form-fitting suit in blue looks highly sophisticated. The entire collection looks modern and clearly targets its consumers.

Christopher Bailey of Burberry Prorsum tipped at moving away from the sixties mood. The menswear fashion show witnessed the brand fraying into tribal patterns and ikkat prints. Mens jackets, coats, knitted sweaters and fitted trousers came out in shades of orange, oak, navy and sage-green. Fitted trousers with ikkat prints are undoubtedly my favourite pick from the collection. The bright hippie vibe gives the collection the bohemian charm.

 DSquared2 looked as outgoing and casual as every other DSquared2 collection. The Caten twins continued to present what they do the best. The collection inspired from traveller’s paradise sees an American tourist travelling to Europe for a summer trip, passing through Scandinavia, Mykonos, Florence and London. Trench coats, roughed-up jeans, mountain boots and a neck scarf is seen as the traveller passes through Norway. The traveller is seen worshipping the sun god as he passes through Greece and is seen wearing only briefs. The traveller later picks up the classic Italian style where he teams leather bomber jackets teamed with coloured trousers in orange and lemon. The style moves on to skinny ties and worn out shirts as the traveller ends his journey with London. DSquared2 menswear fashion is a vibrant play of collection without over doing things. The collection explores the stylish journey around the Europe. While initial clothes were typical DSquared2 looking, those in the latter half added to the class and sophistication. What I loved the most about

Gucci menswear collection was the monochrome colour palette with hints of plum and mulberry and the colour blocking trend incorporated. The mens fashion show brings out London’s coolest gentleman from sixties.

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